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May we all be inspired to live as one human race; this is a child funeral memorial of a little innocent refugee who came to America for The Dream. A little angel was lost here on earth but whose legacy will continue on. This is a neighborhood memorial that I helped to expand when a little angel was taken from all of us in South SLC Utah in past years! With help from a girl who had lost a friend and a little angel to a horrible violent tragedy,we expanded the large pink foundation fabric,added many pink bows,little bears,added candles,lit candle luminaries pink bags filled with playground sand.

shown in one photo on left of memorial this little girl from the community who had lost a friend helped me fill many pink luminary candle bags with sand.The shock and pain on those who knew the little angel personally was vividly expressed in mourning.

It was one of the toughest times to be there and not break down into tears. I could not imagine how painful it would have been if I had actually kwown her, or had been a family member. It is always a reminder, and maybe a good thing that Still to this day I cry typing right now and thinking of the loss of the little angel.
Her father after seeing the memorial with the many candles could barely stand as he cried.
We all wept, an innocent little angel was gone but never forgotten and on to a better place.
Her pain and suffering was over in this world. Her Memory lives on as a refugee community center. The link to the Refugee Community Center built in her honor is provided.
Many different people united in her search, and to validate her life. We mourned but also celebrated her passing into Heaven.
Let Her Memory Always Live on to benefit all mankind.
She had come to America to begin the dream with her family!

SUNDANCE 2010 Wig of Shame

Why Create A Ridiculous Wig and Showcase All Who Opposed Gay Equality?

I am A Citizen. My Partner who is my best friend of more than ten years is a Citizen. We have many friends who are current active members of organized religions, and excellent citizens they are also GLBT people. We have many friends who are religious and also currently in the United States Military, or have served their country numerous times in the past. We have many friends who are still citizens and not treated with equality.
If you believe in your country's principles then you believe that discrimination against one group is discrimination against all. Least we not forget all those who have fought so hard for Civil rights, and have given the ultimate sacrifice to improve our great Nation. The many honorable faces who fought against social repression. The sacrifices that were part of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement, that all "men/women are created equal"!

The Constitution and the US Bill of Rights does not give any leniency to trample other peoples rights as citizens! Utah and many conservative populations must begin to act as part of the United States of America. Heavy military presence States like Utah should also be the first not the last to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell! Why should citizens active and past service men and women, protecting and serving our Nation and giving the ultimate sacrifice, need to hide their sexual orientation?

In past years Michael Moore was booed for standing up at UVSC College and saying that we need to work on civil rights. He even terrified people by saying that the War in Iraq was based upon oil company greed. My thoughts are if they still want us there they give us oil or they pay us to stay. We need to go after all the terrorists no matter where they remain. If you watch the video on YouTube,there were students there who invited him who faced incredible opposition including significant threats to person,and family. Just for inviting a controversial person to speak they had their lives threatened and they were subject to ridicule.

These same student event organizers were good students who had served full L.D.S. Missions, as well as being productive decent role models of society. The power of Church and State was very oppressive.They were told what to do instead of being allowed to give someone with a different viewpoint the chance to speak.Did I agree with everything? No! Did they have the right to view in a democratic format his opinions and make their own adult decisions as citizens? Yes, most definitely.

They still faced incredible opposition just by allowing someone with opposing viewpoints to speak at a College in Utah. Separation of Church and State, just when will Utah realize that it is part of this Great Nation!

Awhile back, public schools in Utah had an absolute fit when President Barak Obama speech to rally all into serving their communities and volunteering was aired. One principal actually sent out apology letters for not prescreening the speech.Conservative parents and Gayle Ruzicka of the Utah Eagle Forum cried foul. It had a bad political agenda. I would hate to think what would have been said if it was safe sex education courses,pregnancy prevention practices teaching for junior high,and high school youth.

Our same President working so hard to fix the huge mess left by the previous administration. President Obama and Hollywood supporters in a televised public school video outraged some conservatives.There were many who said it was sheer political motivation. Many celebrities who are considered positive role models were in the video footage and they were promoting service to others and working together to improve communities.
What a scary concept, improving peaceful communities thru volunteering and outreach!(scary because it did not say a certain religion was in charge of it)Reminding me of Wanda Sykes Show" a black President in the White House and A Public Option" horror movie skit.

Okay, so when has it been bad to nationally broadcast beloved role models and a widely accepted President? When did it become bad to promote peaceful interaction and community improvement? Gee wiz, the kids might go out and advance the quality derived from a non-religious based charity and community service. The Girl, Boy Scouts might stop discrimination of LGBT and others. The Girl and Boy Scouts could separate church and state! Wow so many scary ramifications for religious conservatives!

revised 01/19/10 "Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson until you are God with a Capital G you should not spout such vile and hatred toward innocent people devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. How dare you two do such behavior as you call yourself Christians.Being brought up Christian in one of the largest churches in the world, you should repent and say sorry to the innocent suffering humans that those remarks were directed at immediately!" by Tom, Sundancewigofshame

A Utopia behind the Zion Curtain?
I chuckle because when you study crime which I have done extensively with my major from Westminster College in SLC,and many years in related field work; I would be the first to encourage public schools to increase the quality and school environment for better standards in education. Citing the 2009 F.B.I. threat assessment documents on gang activity,affiliation,membership we are per capita not doing well as a State.Sadly we are a small population State,can't blame that on California.

The Uniform Crime Report is also going the wrong direction.We have lost too many exceptional people who have served in Law Enforcement. There are also many injuries while on the job as well,motorists keep hitting officers etc. Lately it is so bad that violent criminals even shoot the police dogs and started carjacking more and more.
The politicians in general are not supporting law enforcement enough and in cases where they have it is not catching up to need yet either. They play partisan games with needed resources. The future is our children, the future is keeping them on track and well educated. I know, I am a non custodial parent.

The public schools should also work harder to deter gang and drug related crime on and around public schools. Continuing to play ostrich with head in sand, they also allow and accept that we have the lowest per pupil educational spending in a "family values" State. That would be a good call to action by religious people. But instead it is the blame game, even when the economy was stronger.Parental involvement is working, the educational system is pathetic.


Lack of Separation between Church and State: The lack of separation on an near Public School property is still very apparent. It just so happens that there are LDS Seminary buildings next to all middle,junior and high schools.

How is the ongoing lack of separation between church and state justified? How can a religious organization or designated charity violate I.R.S. code and overstep its legal boundaries in so many States so many times?

The silly fag queer homo creator of the Wig of Shame wishes to thank all who come annually to the great Sundance Film Festival in Park City, and the Democracy known as Salt Lake City. If you live in Utah long enough you really appreciate Salt Lake City, Park City and Moab!

We wish to express our warm welcome to all who wish to attend and have fun wining,dining and skiing and possibly even 69ing in the wonderful powder snow that Utah is famous for. Hopefully you will get a chance to see SE Utah with snow on the high desert and red rock Canyonlands areas.The hetero couples can also melt the snow, we can use the runoff water this spring. We remind all visiting Utah about the fun opportunities in Moab as well as southern Utah. The gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community of Utah also welcomes you! Slapstick comedy improv Dumb drag queens for charity fund raising, like myself also welcome you!

As A repressed LGBT people we wish to be treated with equality. We will not stand idly by as politicians and religious groups, and leaders trample our Constitutionally granted rights. I prepared a speech for the Buttars Palooza event entitled Chrissi Land oH Licks Buttars drag queen speaks out; in which I actively spoke out regarding politicians who promote hate and bigotry as well as nasty racist comments. It struck a heart chord when I heard his past rant about ugly black baby, this ugly black baby comments made while in office because I have one African American cousin. There were other comments made as well but I actually was not as painfully offended by them in retrospect as much.(see Can't Buttars me up photo)etc. Worse yet were the peers who just let it slide.

Kind of like the public school budget deficit and the $462,000 given to top managers this year.Who cares about the money involved it came from the public school lands trust fund designed to fund public schools in Utah.Did the brethren do it, okay,then let it slide!The public schools will just get by without it.Maybe the brethren will build a new seminary building next to the new public school in that upper class caucasian neighborhood. Just a reminder from the author of this rant, I am a white drag queen for charity guy wink wink!

I am also appalled that those who are his colleagues and superiors did not chastise him for screaming such hatred, while in political power. The lack of heart felt apologies is a continued source of concern. It is difficult to say that something like political office statements were taken out of context when repeated so many times. It however has very much helped to unite the LGBT of Utah and elsewhere to rally for their Constitutionally granted rights as Citizens. We therefore actually enjoyed the Party on the State Capital called Buttars Palooza.

As Citizens we deserve equality! Thank You to all hetero. people who have stood up as allies in our Gay Civil Rights movement.

The worms on the wig of shame represent those who oppress people. No offense to earthworms. Organized religions believe in Christ and God the supreme authority of the universe. They did no where state directly that homosexuality is a sin. They said however love one another.

In memory of those who died from suicide as teens and who have lost connection with their entire family, childhood friends due to being LGBT this is for you!

For those who hate their own children because they are gay lesbian bisexual or trans-gendered, and pretend that the world is totally heterosexual ; some day the God with a capital G will have you stand before him or her! You will have to then explain why you did not love one another! LGBT is in our DNA and has been proven since 1960 by the leading scientific experts!

Being born LGBT is not the easiest,it is frequently a challenge. Yeah! Today I want to be born gay so that people can call me hateful names,so that I will be treated legally as lesser than. So that when I get terminated from employment people who were hetero who did much more damage to said company can be written up and not terminated. This discrimination in employment can be currently extensively documented but still not subject to legal intervention based upon sexual orientation discrimination. Thank you to SLC,Utah for LGBT ordinances recently passed. Wow, and when there is a hate crime based upon hatred of me due to my sexual orientation as A white man it would not cover me, unless covered by Federal Law or other statutes.

Basic Rights that I took for granted when I was previous married to a woman. In many states when a LGBT spouse dies the significant other could not claim his or her body for respectful burial.If John is LGBT Military vet and passes away Frank cannot visit him without permission from family in the hospital. There are too many unfair things which harm all citizens who are LGBT to list here.

Not everyone is hetero! The population that is in the B and T of LGBT is extensive apparently they do not deserve equality as citizens either.Many are parents and have closeted lives due to social discrimination. There are many who fit into this categorization. All are deserving of equality! Those who hate homosexuals and refer to us as the homosexual agenda need to look carefully into their closest family and friend ties before putting a foot in their own mouth!

It is not something that can be just changed thru therapy,or religious programs. I have looked with open eyes and not seen this work for very religious LGBT people who I have personally known from many socioeconomic backgrounds. I have yet to see it do anything except harm further those who were born LGBT. It is also not a reason to allow established religions to post that "LGBT" people are lesser than hetero. people, and not allowed into the highest levels of Heaven. In 1964 that was an antiquated validation. This is self explanatory if you go to organized religions and their main web pages.

L.D.S. leaders who think they can rewrite established science and go against APA, should themselves work on validating the LDS Church history which supposedly occurred prior to the Birth of the United States. That should keep them busy,historians at the Smithsonian will agree with this! Citing Lehites Laminites and black dark skinned people comments from Book of Mormon Scripture. There were Mayans,there were Aztecs now where was and who were this second coming of Christ in the New World tribes? Organized religion does a lot of good, but established Christian faiths find this as well as Baptism of the Dead,for church member roll call to be a little bit non traditional for Christ following faiths.

In 1976 when I moved to Utah as a ten year old child, I remember being told that religious symbols of crucifixes were not appropriate. I was brought up that Christ died on the Cross for all of us, but said religion said that he was not to be expressed on a crucifix. I believe that We will join him in heaven if we are good people.

In the United States we all are proud to be able to follow our own religion. The founding fathers made sure of that as well as Equality for all Citizens. Now I recommend all try to work together as one large group of very different people within the Greatest Nation in the World!

We, Tom and Darin, wish to Express Our Gratitude to All who have stood up to those who have attempted to take away our rights as citizens in this great Nation. There are many challenges that we still face to achieve full equality.

As a Homo, with a Homo partner and best friend of more than ten years, We obviously support the Mormon Proposition 8:TMP and the courage that it took to speak out openly against the ongoing discrimination and inequality shown by Prop8 Hatred. The courage of active L.D.S. to speak out against misuse of authority.

A special thank you to all United States Military. Recognizing all who are LGBT and actively serving in the United States Military, as well as retired in full honor. Repeal immediately Don't Ask Don't Tell, May some day our DOMA policy be repealed to ensure equality for all citizens.

A special thank you to all who have fought so hard for gay equality for so many years.In honor of Harvey Milk and the late Senator Edward Kennedy, I recognize the goals and sacrifices of those called liberals.I recognize Dr. Martin Luther King and will never forget his "I HAVE A DREAM" speech from the US Civil Rights Movement. He gave the ultimate sacrifice. Those like Rosa Parks and many other strong courageous African Americans and minorities who have been ridiculed,beaten,killed for being of a different ethnicity. We must learn from history. All Citizens deserve full equality!

PROP8HATE Multi-millions of church funded dollars were wasted on Proposition 8 and similar related hate campaigns, most of it by those who considered themselves religious. They members of organized religion, have a right to their religious beliefs. They do not have a right to use those beliefs to overstep the boundaries of Church and State. They cannot justify racial,sexual orientation or other discrimination by those beliefs.

May we all be inspired to do what the churches and individuals should have done instead of wasting millions on opposing gay rights, gay marriage. Take Care of Our Fellow Man! Donate Today to a non religious controlled charity! There are many deserving charities worldwide, do something!
Try it! Donate to an established charity that is not part of a religion.

Do whatever you can to help those less fortunate around you! All I ask is do something to better the lives of those who share this world with you and the one human race of people!

Best Regards!
Tom and Darin Second Class Citizens
together for 5 plus years
best friends for over 11 1/2 years

The Sundance Wig of Shame is not associated with the Sundance Film Institute or Reed Cowan and the Mormon Proposition Movie. We speak from our our own viewpoints and observances.Coming out of the closet as a Gay man in Utah 1998.

Peace to All! Child Funeral Memorial and Community Outpouring Hser Moo Refugee Community Center Link I will never forget the little girl who helped me build candle luminaries to help honor her lost friend.

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