Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walmartah Chriss Land oh Licks Buttars at Buttars Palooza (as seen on Mormon Proposition Photos)

"I had enough when Senator Chris Buttars said that Gays are the Greatest Threat and was not chastised by his peers for his public hate rants.These rants had followed "the ugly black baby comments he had previously made" and the comments he had made in the past regarding "reversing Brown Vs Board of Education". I had never dressed in drag for a cause, so I decided if he was not a homophobe prior to seeing me at Buttars Palooza he might be now! I had just rushed out of the beauty parlor with my beer belly and understuffed tiger print pants, my cowgirl hat had fallen off running up the to the event on the grounds of the Utah State Capital. I had the barber shop drape on and my mud pickle facial had dried a little fast. I was fugly and in his honor at the party I addressed my self as Chrissi Land oH Licks Buttars! It was alot of fun! (Many of my photos are on 8 The Mormon Proposition on facebook, Twitter and Mormon Proposition. Com. I proudly dressed in formal Lady Gaga inspired drag fashion for the Sundance 2010 Film Festival, the bridal veil covered in the Worms who opposed gay rights and equality SUNDANCEWIGOFSHAME Facebook, and Sundance2010wig on Twitter;
THE SPEECH I WROTE FOR THE Buttars Palooza Gay Rights Event was titled Chrissi Land oh Licks Buttars and starts off with HO NO YOU DON'T...

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