Friday, October 8, 2010

Apostle Boyd Packer added to Wig of Shame with large worm by his name.

Dear Apostle Boyd Packer,
Your name has been added to the wig of shame because of your inappropriate comments towards LGBT Members of the LDS Church. How can you condemn LGBT members who have served full missions,served and died in the US Military,held priesthood and bishop rec. among other positions. What would Jesus say about your hate filled speech? What would you say to parents who have lost an LGBT child to suicide because of torment and hatred by his own church leaders and church members? Until you are god with capital letters GOD you can't judge me. In loving memory of all good LDS members who have died of suicide because of religious leaders spouting hate and intolerance.
We want civil rights not to be married in your church, get over it!
Sundance Wig of Shame

Sundance Wig of Shame is in no way associated with the Sundance Film Festival. Sundance Wig of Shame is the individual voice of Tom aka Walmartah Anita Bea Neutered
Joke em if they no take frucky!

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